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Welcome to the home of The Guardian Angel Chronicles by Bryan Hathaway. Inside the pages of this work of Christian fiction, you will gain insight on the character, David Liberty, whose life was forever changed when visited by the angel Joelle.

David and Goliath is the first in the Guardian Angels Chronicles series of Christian books. Author Bryan Hathaway began writing Christian novels out of a desire to pass on biblical truths and important life lessons to his four children. The timeless lessons in Christian novels can inspire and teach the current generation and future generations through inspirational stories.

Join David in the eternal battle of good versus evil as he is commissioned to help God's children redefine their faith and love for their Creator in this modern day David and Goliath book. If you are looking for Christian books on angels and enjoy Christian fiction, you will love David and Goliath.

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  David And Goliath Book By Bryan Hathaway David And Goliath Book By Bryan Hathaway